why the fuck does the flashlight app need to update

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The 4 best free flashlight apps for Android and iOS. Our Picks. Brightest Flashlight is all you need. This app works by activating everything that generates light on your Android device

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The flashlight is simply the latest iteration of the ancient need to carry fire in one’s hand. If I learned one thing from the Hardy Boys, it’s to always carry a flashlight! As we’ve moved from burning branches to battery-powered tubes, the number of options for handheld light has multiplied.

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Guerra cant think of any reason why a flashlight app would need to be able to track me or see my calendar. "All of that stuff is pretty shady and it has a lot of advertising networks in there

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Zothecula writes Security researcher GironSec has pulled Ubers Android app apart and discovered that its sending a huge amount of personal data back to base – including your call logs, what apps youve got installed, whether your phone is vulnerable to certain malware, whether your phone is rooted, and your SMS and MMS logs, which it explicitly doesnt have permission to do.

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Theres no denying that there are some seriously useful new features in iOS 11 for iPhone. But theres also no denying that Apple got a few things wrong with the latest iOS update, as well as left a few important features out.

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The same applies to the camera app. And no, the camera app does not need to read my files to display a gallery of photos taken. The gallery app already does that, and Android is perfectly capable to re-using an activity (via intent) of the gallery app as part of the camera app

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Another thing i really would wish Apple did is allow us to use Calcualtor in control center without having rhe app present. I use minimal apps and cant remember the last time i use the calculator thru the app. its always via the control centre. i mean a flashlight doesnt need an app, why does the calculator

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Need a flashlight app on your Android, but not sure which one to choose? We’ve got your solution right here, with the best flashlight apps and convenient download links. Personally, I use my phone’s flashlight on so many occasions, I can’t imagine life without it. Whether I’m feeling lazy when I wake up at 3 […]

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- The only permission this App needs is video and camera. Unlike other flashlight, this App DOES NOT REQUIRE phone identity, location, owner identity, media playback, data services and other sensors - The only flashlight App with justifiable permissions request. - Only 0.6 MB download size.


The stock Amazon Silk browser does not support Flash Player, so well be using a popular alternative that does called Dolphin Browser. Since the browser in not available on the Amazon Appstore for the Kindle, well be grabbing an APK of the newest version (11.0) from Android Drawer.