atheists need to fuck off

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And of course, atheists don’t believe there’s anyone to tell “fuck off” to in the first place, and thus they don’t bother. So, your response is kind of silly. But I get it, Frank.

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atheists need to fuck off Unfortunately, even some atheists are anti-Semitic. I no longer read that posters posts. > Hes a mess all by himself. ArtyJoe is irate, irrational and irredeemably stupid. Even so, he doesnt deserve those remarks. > His family should be left out of any > negative discussions here. Not …

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The fact is, what atheists need more than anything is to get lose the worship of the loner persona, the misunderstood iconoclast, and admit that we are primates. We thrive in communities. Atheists thrive in every other way except for this one because we still see ourselves as not-christians, not-jews, not-muslims, not-pastafarians, not-xenuphobics.

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Why the fuck are atheists the most douchey, self-absorbed people on the fucking planet. Especially the fucking teenage atheists. Combine your average teenage douchiness and self-absorbedness with athiesm, and youve got teenage atheists.

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A few questions for atheists on AR I have noticed that some of you can’t speak freely. What do I mean? Well there are some views from atheists that when shared get pounced on by the alpha atheists and I see that you either digress, accept blame for even going in that direction (what was I thinking), or just remain silent. In some rare occasions there are few who stand their

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Supreme Court Rejects Atheists Attempt To Scrub In God We Trust Off US Currency. of course they did. the lunatic left will never learn. this is a christian nation. always has been and always will be. cheers

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Atheists are bound by reality and any fact claim they make can be checked and verified. They have to argue on the facts or be called to order. Theists are not bound by reality, and can invent whatever they need to suit their arguments, and they invent things in a realm where fact-checking is impossible.

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atheists need to fuck off Hey Atheists, Just Shut Up Please. If you need more proof, The atheism subreddit gets off on feeling superior to other people; it’s not about ideas or truth, they’d rather thrive on

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atheists need to fuck off In the Beginning is a joke that doesnt come off. The story, filtered through Taylors profound atheism, is that of the book of Genesis." Teller: 1948– Illusionist Illusionist, comedian and writer best known as the silent half of the comedy magic duo known as Penn & Teller, along with Penn Jillette.

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Atheists Need Their Own Profanity. Dean Van Drasek. Submitted by Dean Van Drasek on Wed, 12/18/2013 But just a fuck? Most people enjoy consensual sex. “jack-off”, “wanker”, “tosser”, and so on and so forth (again, the Brits appear to hold the world record for creativity of descriptive language in this category). None of this